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Series 7 of the ITV production Wild at Heart aired from 7 Januray 2012-11 March 2012. It ran for 10 episodes and showed the story of how The Trevanion family manage to get Leopards Den back with the help of new Vet Ed Lynch who takes Mara as Leopards Den was sold as a joint lot with Mara Lodge and land meaning the Trevanions also now own Mara too they set up an endangered species project along with Ed whilst running their game reserve once again. The series took in an average of 7.53 million viewrs which is really good but in April 2012 ITV announced that Wild at Heart was to be shelved and would be tied up nicely in January 2013 with a 2 hour feature length special to be classed as a mini 8th series.

Cast and CharactersEdit

Stephen Tompkinson as Danny Trevanion

Dawn Steele as Alice Trevanion (went on maternity leave)

Deon Stewardson as Anders Du Plessis

Hayley Mills as Caroline Du Plessis

Lucy-Jo Hudson as Rosie Trevanion

Olivia-Scott Taylor as Olivia-Adams Trevanion

Robert Bathurst as Ed Lynch

Jill Halfpenny as Fiona Lynch