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10 January 2010 - 14 March 2010

Preceded by

Series 4

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Series 6

Series 5 of the ITV production Wild At Heart featured ten 60-minute long episodes (without adverts they last 45 minutes). It centres mainly on the growing relationships between DuP and Caroline and Danny and Alice, along with Fatani and the new girl in town Buhle, and finallly the return of Olivia.


Back among the lions, giraffes and elephants, love is continueing to blossom for Danny Trevanion and fellow vet Alice Collins, but will Danny have the courage to commit to her? Throughout the series the pair will face many challenges, not least the pressure of working together and Alice makes some difficuolt decisions about her future at Leopards Den.

After a turbulent courtship, everyone's favourite gruff Afrikaner, Anders Du Plessis, is set to marry his beloved Caroline. Wedding plans are finalised but could someone from Caroline's past threaten their happiness?

Alice's enstranged brother Rowan, has installed himself at Mara making the rivalry between the two reserves more intense than ever. Alice is desperate to repair the relationship with her brother, but how far can Rowan be trusted?

Cast and CharactersEdit

Main Cast and CharactersEdit

Stephen Tompkinson as Danny Trevanion

Dawn Steele as Alice Trevanion

Deon Stewardson as Anders Du Plessis

Hayley Mills as Caroline Du Plessis

Cal MacAninch as Rowan Collins

Mary Anne Barlow as Vanessa

Thapelo Mokoena as Cedric Fatani

Olivia Scott-Taylor as Olivia Adams Trevanion

Nomsa Xaba as Nomsa Nguni

Megan Martell as Charlotte Collins

Niama McLean as Buhle

Kagiso Legoadi as Cashile

Guest Cast and CharactersEdit

Abigail Kubeka as Cebile Fatani

Camilla Waldman as Hannah

Nicholas Le Prevost as Gene


Series Average Viewers (millions)
5 7.71