Sarah Trevanion

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Amanda Holden as Sarah Trevanion


24 Episodes

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Series 3 Episode 8


Olivia Adams-Trevanion(Daughter) Evan Adams(Son) Caroline Du Plessis(Mother) Anders Du Plessis(Step-Father)


Simon Adams(Ex-Husband) Danny Trevanion(Husband)

Sarah Trevanion was the second wife of Danny. She was previously married to Simon Adams, with whom she has two children, Olivia and Evan. She was a supply teacher when they lived in Bristol and it was her idea in the first place that they take the family to Africa.

When they first moved to Africa it was clear she had a strained relationship with her step-daughter Rosie, although they become closer as time passed. She caught anthrax in series one and it was believed she would die from the disease, caught from another animal. In the third series, whilst trying to protect and save the family's pet cheetah Jana from a wild bushfire, Sarah died.

Sarah was a headstrong character. After letting slip to her mother, Caroline, at her fathers' funeral in England, to Sarah's dismay Caroline decides to take a visit over to Africa. At first Sarah is very much unhappy about having her mother in Africa but soon after they make-up and Caroline also moves into Leopards Den .

One day, a bush fire hit Leopard's Den and a cheetah ran into the smoke and Sarah followed. Danny and Dup went into the smoke to save her. Sarah got lost in the smoke. As she reached some trees, she was suddenly surrounded by a circle of fire and trapped. She was last seen screaming Danny's name. It was later revealed that Sarah had died in the fire.