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Rowan collins

Rowan Collins is a former co-owner of Mara

Rowan is introduced in series 4 and comes to africa to give Alice the news of their father's death. Rowan originally worked on the north sea oil rigs but was forced to give up his job to look after his and Alice's father when was dying as didn't want Alice their leaving Rowan to care for him alone, something Rowan blames Alice for.

Later after he catches Fatani stealing drugs from Mara to help dying elephant calf, Tula and Fatani is given the boot by Mara, Rowan takes over Fatani's role as manager of Mara and Fatani works at Leopards Den for a short period of time before reopening Max's bar. Rowan has caused a few problems between Leopards Den and Mara, such as stealing a hot air balloon rented by Fatani for hot air balloon safaris at Leopards Den, coming up with green hunting(animals being darted rather than shot by hunters) resulting in the near death of a white lion, buying a tiger for a beauty pageant photoshoot, framing Danny for the death of the young male black Leopard owned by Du Plessis' old enemy Tom cox by giving it a pil to interact with a female black leopard owned by mara, but later fills in for Dup whilst he is recovering from surgery for his heart condition.

Rowan doesn't appear in season 6 having left africa, but is mentioned at the start of series 7 after Dup and Fatani inform a heavily pregnant Alice that he has had a car accident and is in intensive care

He is Alice collins sister - they are seen to be fairly close but had their ups and downs like normal siblings