Episode 1.1
Series 01, Episode 01
Episode 1.1
Air Date 29th January 2006
Setting Vet Clinic
Trevanion House
Leopards Den
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Episode 1.1 is the first episode of the first series of ITV's Television series, Wild at Heart, which was first broadcast on the 29th of January 2006.


In a Vet clinic in Bristol, England Danny Trevanion is tending to a lethargic cat when an abused and unconscious Vervet Monkey is suddenly brought in. Meanwhile Evan, Danny's step son is walking into school looking sad. In the changing rooms several older boys walk in and start demanding money from him and calling him names. Not long into this Evan pules out a rifle and aims it at one of the boys.

Back at the clinic Danny manages to wake up the monkey and plays with it while its in a cage. His vet assistant then walks in and says that Sarah (Danny's wife) is on the phone and that it is urgent. When Danny returns home he realises what happened and goes beserk, but Sarah manages to calm him down.