Anders Du Plessis

Anders du plessis
Deon Stewardson as Anders Du Plessis


65 Episodes

First Episode

Series 1 Episode 1

Final Episode

Series 7 Episode 11


Caroline Du Plessis(Wife)
Olivia Adams-Trevanion(Step-Grandaughter)
Evan Adams(Step-Grandson)
Sarah Trevanion(Step Daughter)(Deceased)


Caroline Du Plessis(Wife)

Anders Du Plessis, or "Dup" for short, is a gruff Afrikaner with a big heart. He has poor hygiene and drinks to excess but that doesn't stop Caroline, Sarah's mother, from falling in love with him. He has a son Kirk, from an affair he had with a woman he met while deployed as a soldier in his twenties, and a granddaughter Amber. Despite the dissaproval he showed to the Trevanions when they first arrived he has created a strong friendship with Danny and a strong bond with Evan, Olivia and Rosie. He formed a working relationship with Evan, teaching him all the skills he needed to become his apprentice ranger. Dup seemed to be getting soft in his old age when he openly allowed Charlotte and Alice to stay claiming that they were the best thing to happen to Leopards den since the arrival of the Trevanions.

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Anders Du Plessis Quotes:

Danny Trevanion: Dupe, I know you're upset but destroying your liver isn't going to help.
Anders Du Plessis: You're so sure?

Alice Collins: There's our rogue male.
Anders Du Plessis: No, it's a female.
Alice Collins: Why would a female be so destructive?
Anders Du Plessis: I've been asking myself that same question for many years.