Alice Collins-Trevanion

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Dawn Steele as Alice Collins-Trevanion


38 Episodes

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Series 4 Episode 3

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Series 7 Episode 11


Charlotte Collins-Trevanion (daughter)


Danny Trevanion (husband)

Unamed (son)

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Alice Collins-Trevanion is the wife of Danny Trevanion. She has a daughter named Charlotte Collins-Travanion. She is a vet at Leopard's Den and is currently pregnant with her second born. Alice is very serious and a great vet. She came to Leopard's Den when there was a rabies outbreak in series 4. At first she and Danny did not see eye to eye but as time passed they began to get on much better.

It is later revealed that Alice, who originally comes from Glasgow, Scotland, left home after her father found out about her relationship with a married man- we presume this is where Charlotte came from. Her father said he never wanted to see her again and she moved to Africa with Charlotte, who was presumably under three, since she can't remember life before Africa.

Alice struggles to trust people, she has moved around constantly, frightened to commit to anywhere or anyone in-case she is hurt by them like she was by her father, and by Terry Green, who turned up only a few episodes after Alice and Charlotte came to Leopard's Den.

She wouldn't go with him, and has never left Leopard's Den since. When Olivia re-joined the family in series 5 she didn't take well to Alice, believing she was a replacment for her mother. The pair eventually got along much better.

When, during series 6, Alice discovered she was pregnant she kept it from her famiy at first until Du Plessis discovered it. She was again frightnened things would go badly and wasn't sure she was ready to have the baby. At the end of series 6 the whole female body of the family went to stay in England with Caroline's sister Georgina until a new home was found for the family.

Alice returned at the beginning of series 7 to discover Danny and Du Plessis had been lying about their current jobs among other things. By the end of the first series it was announced her brother Rowan had been involved in a car crash and while the rest of the family returned to Africa she stayed to look after her brother and will remain there until after the baby is born.